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the end of summer mint julep + jack’s simple syrup

I have a gramatical issue with the title of this post. I wanted to show that the simple syrup was made by me, so I called it jack’s simple syrup – as in, the simple syrup belonging to jack. The problem is that it also can be read as the jack [is] simple syrup – a rather damning summary of me. Anyone know a way around this duble entenre please let me know – soon – I feel vulnerable.

Firstly, the minty simple syrup: make this in a large batch and keep it in the fridge for a month or so.

Simple Syrup Ingredients & Method
makes 1 cup

1 cup sugar
½ cup water
½ cup fresh mint leaves, packed tightly

Combine all the ingredients in a sauce pan over low heat. Smash the mint leaves and sugar together, using a wooden spoon. After a couple of minutes the sugar should have dissolved. Take of the heat and leave for 30 minutes, then strain and store in the fridge.

Mint Julep Ingredients & Method
makes 1 litre

½ cups mint simple syrup (above)
1 litre bourbon
20 sprigs fresh mint
4 cups cracked ice
soda water

Use a 1½ or 2 litre jug. Combine the simply syrup, the bourbon and 3 or 4 sprigs of mint. Stir. Half fill glasses with cracked ice, pour the mixture over the ice, garnish with a sprig of mint sprig and (optionally) add a dash of soda water.

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One thought on “the end of summer mint julep + jack’s simple syrup

  1. What a refreshing drink! I love it too! What is bourbon? Is it like cognac?

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